West Marine Presents the Gale Force Twins

Watch the Gale Force Twins discussing how they got their start in fishing, tips for taking kids out on the water, and tips for women in fishing!


  • BTW, for those thinking of taking their kids on the water for the first time, watch the following. Make sure you have a proper fitting life jacket, such as those on https://www.westmarine.com/kids-life-jackets.

  • WOW! These girls are SO incredible! They have inspired me so much to start fishing locally and not being so nervous to get started. Bravo, Gale Force Twins! ?

  • Great video, I really like these girls. I hope they make more inspiring videos.

  • I’ve been following the twins on Instagram. They are great boat handlers and anglers! I’d like to see more boating safety like wearing a life jacket. West Marine has a great selection of inflatable life jackets.

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    Absolutely love their videos! I subscribed after watching them featured in some West Marine YouTube videos. Especially love this one pulling in a shark off the beach with Josh from BlackTipH! You cant help but to get so excited with their infections personalities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ8bWic4Jj0

  • Absolutely love the Gale Force twins channel! Congratulations on the new boat ladies! #GaleForceTwins

  • The Gale Force twins just posted a video diving around the SS Sapona, a concrete hull ship designed by Henry Ford! It was used as a casino and used to store liquor during the prohibition before a hurricane sent it to its final resting place. I have always wanted to do this. Abandoned shipwrecks are just incredible to me. The history and stories they hold are just mind-blowing to comprehend. These two are great and make me want to get out every time they post a new video!

  • The Gale Force Twins channel is growing fast! I started following them almost a year ago when I came across the How To Drive A Boat In Rough Seas video. This video is a must for any boat owners. A lot of the same techniques apply to all types of boating, lakes, coastal or offshore. They are great captains with great content on fishing and boat ownership! I love watching their channel and content grow. Excited to see whats to come this winter.

  • The Gale Force Twins just posted a video walkthrough at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show. Take a look at some of these tournament boats. I've never been a big fan of the double V hull but the Invincible cat they feature looks awesome. I've never seen a bow with so much room for activities! lol. Check it out.

  • The Gale Force Twins channel is really blowing up! I love where they are taking their adventures and you can tell their comfort level and confidence on the water is growing every day. Cheers to your success ladies! Thanks for the entertainment and fishing tips. I've found the new boat owner info very helpful!

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