Baitcasting reels have a downside?

What are the disadvantages of a baitcasting reel?


  • In the hands of a beginner, baitcasting reels can be difficult to use. Despite the fact that the reel has a braking system, an angler must thumb the spool toward the end of a cast to avoid backlash. Training your thumb takes time which gives baitcasting reels a steep learning curve. Another drawback is that the lure must be heavy enough to overcome the inertia of the spool. This makes light lures a poor choice for use with baitcasting reels. If you enjoy fishing with very light tackle, consider a spinning reel instead. Most baitcasting reels have a star drag, which can be awkward to adjust when playing a fish compared to a lever drag. Keep in mind that the handle on a baitcasting reel cannot be swapped from one side to the other making your preferred cranking hand one of the first narrowing criteria for selecting a reel.

  • Another downside is the pick up rate of the line. If your after powerful fast fish such as snook or bonefish or tarpon and the fish decides to make a run toward you you won’t be able to pick up the line fast enough as you can a spinner

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