Anchor for kayak fishing

What's the best anchor to keep me in place for kayak fishing?


  • All depends on where you are anchoring. In most situations a grapnel anchor will suffice. I recommend setting it up as a breakaway just in case you get into some reef or rocky areas. Also I would add a short piece of chain to keep the anchor end points facing down.

  • I personally use a foldable grapnle hook anchor system that stuffs into a small insulated bag with the rope and a little tie off end buoy and everything. It weighs maybe 5 lbs total and works great and stores easy. Thats the biggest benefit.

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    @islandhopper2020 This is the exact one I use. I bought it years ago for my jet skis but when I sold them I kept all the gear with them and transferred it over to my kayak. So im not sure if this is the best anchor for kayak fishing but it has worked perfectly for me. I should also add that I use this for 2 kayaks. A 14' wilderness systems tsunami which is my touring kayak and I also use it in a Sea Eagle 385 inflatable fishing kayak with a trolling motor. Works great for both.

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