Tire Pressure

Help - I want to take out my boat but I'm having issues with my trailer tires. I can't tell if their under-inflated or over inflated. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to measure them?


  • Under-inflation is the prime cause of tire problems, and an under-inflated trailer tire won’t sag like your car’s tires because of its stiff sidewall construction. We recently pulled into a gas station with our 21' boat and checked our pressure. Both tires looked perfectly normal, but our pressure gauge showed that one tire had only 15psi (instead of the rated 50psi), which would have quickly destroyed the tire. Don’t eyeball it! Check your tire pressure with a quality gauge.

  • Buy a tire gauge, you can get them almost anywhere (auto parts, gas stations, walmart) etc. and check. Get yourself an air compressor to keep at home since I am assuming you dont have one already and check the pressure fairly often.

  • I am assuming you know that every tire has the correct tire pressure printed on the sidewall.

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