tongue weight

Do I need to know the tongue weight? If so, how do I measure it?


  • Yes! If you're trailering something you need to know and understand the tongue weight.

    Tongue Weight (TW) of up to 300 pounds can be measured on a household scale by resting the trailer coupler on the scale and placing the scale on a box so that the coupler is at its normal towing height. The trailer must be fully loaded and level.

    For heavier tongue weights, place a household scale and a brick that’s as thick as the scale three feet apart.

    Set a length of pipe on each and rest a beam across the pipes. Re-zero the scale to correct for the weight of the beam and pipe. Securely block the trailer wheels. Rest the trailer jack on the beam as shown, one foot from the brick and two feet from the scale.

    To obtain the TW, multiply the scale reading by three. For greater tongue weights, place the scale and brick four feet apart, rest the jack on the beam three feet from the scale and multiply the scale reading by four.

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