How'd you learn to start fishing?

I got into fishing a little later in life than some people and I am always so interested in seeing how everyone learned to start fishing. Were you young, older, or a teenager? I'd love to hear all the stories about how you got started fishing!


  • How do you get the kids to start fishing? What kits would you recommend from, or what components should I put in my kit to get them started?

  • I think that it depends upon their age. For the younger member of the family we started off with a Shakespeare Fishing Kit and dropping the line off our deck and then reeling it back in.

  • You have to remember to keep it fun for them. Have them go with you to pick out a kit. Remember to match their age with the equipment. If they’re very young get one of the Zebco scooby doo or princess outfits. If they’re a bit older look at the dock fishing rod outfits and so on. Henney take them to catch simple fish such as small mangrove snapper around dock piling or blue gill off a bank but make sure they catch a lot (it doesn’t matter the size) They just need action. Quality fish fishing time will come when they’re hooked (pardon the pun) Just remember to keep them involved in the whole experience

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