Tesla Cyberboat- What do you think the future of power boating will be?

I'm just curious, I'd love to hear what people think about the future of power boating. What do you think the future of power boating will look like with new EV tech coming out in cars?

Do you think there's going to be a Tesla Cyberboat? Sign me up!


  • Sign me up too! I certainly believe that there need to be more environmentally friendly boating options for those power boating fanatics out there. I'd love to see Tesla/Elon Musk come out with a boat design!!

  • Solar electric power is already upon us. But not from Tesla. Sunreef, Greenline, Silent Yachts all make solar electric boats. They need to be larger boats at this point, for solar recharging. I think its Maverick that makes a solar sailboat; engines run on batteries for a few hours, and under sail they recharge - propellers spin from the forward motion under sail and recharge the batteries as I understand; as well as solar panel use.

    But they all go painfully slow under battery power - like 5-6 knots.

    They all seem to come as hybrid power - battery and gas or diesel. And they are really expensive right now. But it will get more mainstream over the next few years I think. I would love to take a couple of Chevy Volt motors/power systems and replace the engines in a power catamaran.... If only I were rich....

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