My new obsession Haulover Inlet videos

I fall down the rabbit hole of Youtube and came across Haulover Inlet videos and now I'm obsessed. I've never been down to Florida but man this inlet looks brutal. Does anyone have any videos or experience with Haulover?


  • Every week. I have been video'd many, many times entering or leaving the inlet. The video's are meant to entertain.

    Haulover has a major current during any tide change. During mid day, it is filled with jet skiers playing in the current. They are what make Haulover difficult. There are also boats that obviously do not belong in the ocean, as well as hot shots trying to get their boats onto the video, so they hot dog it.

    Overall, when it is windy, and there is a east wind with an outgoing tide, it will be rough. If you hug the N. jetty, and after clearing the jetty turn north to avoid the current, you will be fine. Same is true if you hug the S jetty and turn south. The difference is that there are guys fishing on the S jetty that cast lines into the inlet, so I generally hug the N jetty.

    The inlet can be rough, but IMHO not as bad a say, Oregon Inlet in NC. The difference with Haulover: ton's of traffic.

    In the early AM, the inlet is a non-issue. If the winds are under 20 kts, the inlet is a non-issue. In the late afternoon, when the jet ski guys are gone, the inlet is a non-issue.

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