Shop at West Marine with the Gale Force Twins Presented by West Marine

Can't figure out what to get the boater in your life? The Gale Force Twins are here to help! Whether you need to get something for the boater or fisher in your life or just want to do a little self-gifting, they've got ideas for you! 


  • Huge fan of the Gale Force Twins! They had some great suggestions!

  • Can you just imagine an unlimited shopping spree at West Marine!?!?! I'll take 2 of everything please.

  • Gale Force Twins are my heroes! I love Amanda and Emily. If I could have a dream job I would take their place in a heartbeat! This is one of my favorite videos of theirs.

  • I am a huge fan of the Gale Force Twins. Emily and Amanda, I want you to know that I am a 72 year old Green Beret Vietnam Vet who has found the inspiration to now work toward my 6-pak Captain's License. I'm about 85% through my coursework and have all of the required exams, checks and certifications already completed. You two have provided the motivation for me to hopefully realize one more dream! Thanks ladies and Godspeed.

  • 10/8/2021. Went shopping for -100 antifreeze & told it got bought out by a single person(shop) because they had a tough time getting the drums. Okay, so what about all the other boaters that do his/her own winterizing and buying at West Marine. I was told to check this week. I went today because the online showed N.O. location showed 210 now in stock. However, when I got there I bought my 5 bottles & there was only 15 approx. left sitting there. When I told him thAT ONLINE IT SHOWS MORE, HE STATED "THAT IT'S AN ERROR & WHAT I SEE IS ALL THERE IS." HE THEN ADDED "& THERE WON'T BE anymore coming in after that's gone." WOW!!!! Will boaters be using automotive antifreeze because of the shortage? I heard that automotive doesn't have "burst protection." Poor B**tards. Hope West Marine can get the needed shipments trucked-in before this winter.

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