Halo 20 and Halo 20+ Which is better?

Regarding the two simrad heavy hitter domes, I cannot choose between the two. What are the pros and cons of each? Bird mode has been the latest craze all of 2020, anyone have insight into them? Which would beat out there other in an offshore situation? should I consider another brand?


  • Both units are great.  

    Halo 20 the biggest pro is going to be the price point.

    Halo 20+ refreshes 60 times per minute and uses doppler technology. With the addition of a Precision-9 Compass you will get the VelocityTrack and MARPA Target tracking.

    If you are offshore the Halo 20+ when paired with Precision-9 Compass cannot be beat in the amount of valuable information available to you.

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