Cat or monohull power yacht?

I am a newbie. I am needing training regardless of what I buy but it would help if I could get your feedback. How big of a boat should I buy? Just two people. What is best for a newbie, a cat or a powered monohull yacht? I am concerned about the high cost of operating a power yacht and I know I would enjoy sailing if I get the proper training. Oh, I'm also 75 years young. You guys are the experts. Tell me what I should do.


  • First once you choose to purchase a large boat chances are you will not find it in your neighborhood. This is a good thing. You can hire a captain and crew to deliver the boat to your local marina. You should go on that trip and when you are booking them say I want to be trained on the operations of the boat. After about 3 to 4 days of operations, you will be comfortable with your boat to operate it on your own.

    I liveaboard at 58 foot Monohulled boat. I figure there is about 900 square feet of living space. It is very comfortable. Draw backs - there are a lot of stairs, when I operate the boat I like to have 2 other people with me for docking. With a smaller boat in the 35 to 45 foot range you can dock with just 1 additional person. 

    When looking for a boat you must start with your budget. How much do you want to spend to acquire, how much does it cost monthly to operate, your annual expenses - insurance required if you have it at a marina, maintenance rule of thumb 10% of the purchase price.

    As far as biggest difference between Cats and Monohulled boats.  Cats are generally better in rough waters. They can cost more in dockage due to their width.  Cats can have a bit more space compared to a monohulled boat of the same length again due to their beam (width).

    At the end of the day if you are concerned about cost you should look at a tug/trawler style boat with a single diesel motor and bow thruster. They are going to have the most room and a low operating cost. They do not move fast somewhere in the range of 7 knots per hour but they sip fuel. 

  • Thank you for your valuable time and input!!! I appreciate it very much!!

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