complete refit parts list.

I am basically starting from scratch on a 42ft Westsail. There is new marine wiring connecting ac outlets, but really nothing else. I'm thinking I would go with a 50A 250v shore power connection. Initially I would have a 4 lead acid house battery bank. Planning on nearish future solar, so want to design with that in mind. Have a lewmar v4 windlass, and will add A/C, a refrigerator, at some point a watermaker, washer/dryer plus all of the other normal sailboat stuff.

I am working to budget my costs for the project, and am a little confused about what I would need for the 250v conversion to 2 125v legs.

Definitely want a 2k watt inverter/charger. I don't plan on connecting a generator, and will likely add a higher output alternator and a wind generator later.

Thanks in advance for any help


  • Hi Kjnt,

    There is really not enough information to give a parts list for this.

    Here is a list of items and model numbers to get started

    50 amp inlet - 390625

    Isolation Transformer - 13009881 

    A/C Circuit Breaker Main Panel - 11067634 

    AC Rotary Source Selector Switch to chose shore power or inverter power 

    If there are no 220V devices on the! boat you can use 2 110V distribution panels -5426580 

    If there 220V devices on the boat then you will need a custom panel from Blue Seas.

    Hope this works!

  • Most modern inverters do the "shore or inverter" selection automatically which adds multiple good to have features. Shore power in a modern installation goes directly to the inverter which then automatically manages power in the boat. If someone "borrows" your shore power connection when you are not there the inverter can either go into ac inversion to supply power or shut down the ac side of the boat to protect the batteries from high draw items dependent on how you set mode switches.... This also allows the inverter to synchronize the phases of the incoming power so you are not in danger of phase misalignment damage that might be caused by manual switching.

  • I just had to replace my inverter and that is the case with the newest one. It manages everything depending on if shore power is hooked up or not. Its only 4k watts though so it may not be in the same league.

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