How often should you repaint the bottom paint on a boat?

I've only owned this boat for 2 years but I have never inspected the bottom paint. How often should you bottom paint a boat?


  • If you store your boat in the water for more than 2-3 days, freshwater or saltwater, I'd recommend using either bottom paint be inspected, cleaned and re-applied if necessary once a year. You can get away with every 2 years but it turns into a lot more work and is much easier to just do it every year or have someone do it every year.

  • @shipsandgiggles I tagged you in this thread that covers DIY bottom painting in detail. How to do it and how often. hopefully it helps.

  • @shipsandgiggles If the bottom paint on your boat looks faded or has any cracks or chips, it is most likely indicative that it's time to re-coat your boats bottom paint.

  • After having some people take a look, it has been recommended that I have it re-painted. I've got it scheduled to be pulled out for 4 days to be re-painted sometime in October. Thanks for the advice!

  • When having your bottom paint redone, consider using a different color of paint. You will be able to tell when its ready for new paint once this layer starts to fade revealing a different color beneath it. Its a little trick that helps you know when to reapply your antifouling paint.

  • @shipsandgiggles Would you mind telling me what they are charging you to do it? I am in the same boat, pardon the pun, and weighing the options of having my bottom paint re-done professionally or asking for the help of my friends.

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