How do you install a marine battery charger?

Are there any easy tutorials on installing a marine battery charger? Thanks in advance.


  • A on-board battery charger install is pretty straight forward. Even if you have a 2 or 3 bank charger. There is an AC inlet and then youll have your battery outputs. The "AC in" can either use a typical cord end or be wired into a marine specific outlet that you mount to the hull for an easy plug in. THen youll take the two leads from each battery bank and connect them to the positive and negative terminals on your batteries. So red to + or red terminal and black to - or negative terminal. Do the same with bank 2 and or 3 and there ya go. This is how I wired in my Noco genius charger, others might not be the same.

  • Hey @drunkensailor all battery chargers are going to come with a wiring diagram because some of them utilize a different ground wire system but they are all very similar. AC in via a plug. and then you should have a lead coming out of the charger that goes to each battery. Red wire under the positive terminal and black wire to the negative terminal. Good luck!

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