What's the best line to use for saltwater fishing?

I'm a bass guy but i'm starting to dive more into saltwater fishing. What is the best line to use for saltwater fishing?


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    Monofilament, Braided or Fluorocarbon line are all great choices for saltwater but I ALWAYS use a 20 lb test Fluorocarbon leader. I like to use a waxed braided line mainly because i never have to worry about breaks or compromising line strength if I rub across a structure. Braided is more expensive so rather than say just go with the best, you should go with what is best for the fish you plan to target. I usually fish from shore, my kayak or the pier.

  • @BabyShark82 What line do you use for bass fishing? Same concepts are applied across the board. Just bump your line weight and rod size up but stick to what you're used to currently.

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