What's the best line to use for saltwater fishing?

I'm a bass guy but i'm starting to dive more into saltwater fishing. What is the best line to use for saltwater fishing?


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    Monofilament, Braided or Fluorocarbon line are all great choices for saltwater but I ALWAYS use a 20 lb test Fluorocarbon leader. I like to use a waxed braided line mainly because i never have to worry about breaks or compromising line strength if I rub across a structure. Braided is more expensive so rather than say just go with the best, you should go with what is best for the fish you plan to target. I usually fish from shore, my kayak or the pier.

  • @BabyShark82 What line do you use for bass fishing? Same concepts are applied across the board. Just bump your line weight and rod size up but stick to what you're used to currently.

  • Power pro spectra braided line is great for saltwater fishing. I run it on all my rods and I've been very happy with how it performs. It lasts forever.

  • Mono is so much more forgiving than braided line. If you are fishing wrecks or abrasive structures, you will stand a much better chance of keeping your fish set. Mono is easier to use as well. Fish are used to seeing braided line around popular wrecks and mono just yields more bites. Mono offers stretch and braid has none. Bent hooks and snapped lines are common with braid but mono gives you that bumper. Suffix superior or ProSpec are great lines and offer a better experience than braid any day of the week. You may have to change mono line out more often than braided however the price is still lower after changing out multiple times. I can't say anything bad about mono and if it aint broke, dont fix it.

  • I totally agree with @WeAllFloatOn. Especially if you are new to saltwater fishing. Start out with a good mono because chances are you are going to have a few more break offs as you get used to your new spots. A lot of times, braided needs to be cut off too which wastes a lot of line vs. breaking off mono at your snag.

  • What I'm seeing regarding Mono vs. Braided line for saltwater fishing. The bottom line is that braid is going to outperform mono 99% of the time however the cost of gear goes up. Line cost is higher and reel strength must also be upgraded. I like the fact that braided line is easier to cast and will cruise through currents easier. I definitely understand the cost benefits of Mono, especially for something like a charter where line is constantly being lost however for personal use, I don't think I'll be unhappy with braided line.

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