Best line for a spinning reel?

What is the best line for a spinning reel? One that won't slip.


  • I might upset some old school guys by saying this but braided line is the best for a spinning reel because it has no line memory which can result in a rat's nest of line from a bad cast. But don't dismiss fluorocarbon either. Fluorocarbon is also a great choice, especially with those really light setups. With either of them, make sure you know your knots when adding line to the reel, especially with braided. Knots are really important when adding line to a new reel because braided line is very slippery and can actually spin on the reel when it is stationary. I learned this when I landed a big kokanee on accident while targeting some lazy cuttys and it was pulling line too fast, no matter how tight my drag was. I ended up bringing it in by hand. I literally dropped my pole and pulled in the line by hand. Needless to say I will never forget that fish, and I will never take my reel knots for granted again. My day was done after that because it was the only rod I brought and I had to toss all that line.

  • @BabyShark82 That entirely depends on what you are fishing for. Saltwater or Freshwater? In either circumstance I only run braided line between 10-50lb test depending on the rod and reel combo.

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