What is the point of using a Fluorocarbon leader?

I have never used a fluorocarbon leader so I'm just wondering why I always hear about using a fluoro leader. Whats the point of using a fluorocarbon leader?


  • Fluorocarbon leaders are basically invisible to fish which is why they are the most preferred leader. A fluorocarbon leader allows you to make a more natural presentation. You might then wonder why not just use fluorocarbon for the whole line... Mainly its because of 3 reasons. 1. cost - fluoro is pricy. 2, feel - braided has no stretch to it so you really feel those strikes no matter how light they are and has unbeatable abrasion resistance. 3 buoyancy - fluoro sinks pretty fast where mono and braided can float a while requiring more weight to get those baits down to the right depth faster. One thing I should point out regarding fluorocarbon line and ice fishing, I run braided main line and havnt had any issues yet but some people will say that on those sub 10 degree days, ice can build up on braided line much faster than fluoro line in turn clogging or halting your freespool. That's really the only application where braided line might not be the best answer in my opinion. Hopefully this helps. Tight Lines!

  • @BabyShark82 To add to @WesternTroutBum's comment about the cost, I recently purchased a pretty big spool off amazon that was much cheaper than the majority of others, and much lower than anything name brand. It has been awful to use. The line memory and the strength are ridiculous. This line coils more than a spring and the weight of my larger lures will snap it. It's way to thick to use for any sort of smaller presentation so all in all it was a complete waste of money. I highly recommend sticking with something well reviewed or from a reputable store for your line.

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