Whats the difference between a saltwater trolling motor and a fresh water trolling motor?

Is a saltwater trolling motor better than a freshwater trolling motor because it has to deal with corrosive salt and things? Would a saltwater trolling motor last longer than a freshwater trolling motor if it was used in freshwater?


  • The materials that make up a trolling motor determine if its safe to use in saltwater or not. Also if you use a frehwater trolling motor in saltwater, chances are youll void the warranty. Saltwater trolling motors are anti-corrosive and typically more expensive because of the better materials so I could see it lasting longer but the extra investment wouldn't be worth the benefits.

  • @LifeIsGood The biggest differences youll find with a saltwater trolling motor vs a freshwater trolling motor are the materials used. They will either be stainless steel or utilize some sort of corrosion resistant material or paint. The electrical connections also may have better seals. The main difference between the two is going to be the corrosion resistance from the saltwater. Other than that they are identical in how they function.

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