Does my kayak need a navigation light?

I've always had a flashlight on my kayak but I'm considering putting a trolling motor on it. Does my kayak need navigation lights if it has a trolling motor attached?


  • Yes, If you plan to paddle after sunset or before sunrise, you need to have a navigation light or a torch showing white light ready to deploy in sufficient time to prevent a collision.

  • Awesome, thank you. Ive been looking at different torches to carry and think Ive settled on this kayak specific navigation light. It breaks down easily so transportation won't be an issue.

  • @LifeIsGood I have that same one, Railblaza light and flag kit, and it works great on my kayak! I also use a Coast waterproof flashlight that has a strobe mode. I custom made a clip in for it out of 3/4" PVC pipe thats mounted up towards my bow.

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