What size of line should I pick up for deep sea fishing?

I really want to catch some mahi! What size line should I pick up? Any tips are appreciated.


  • As with any fishing, line size or test weight depends on the species you plan to target. If you are going after an aggressive fighter of a fish that can get up to 30 lbs, run a 45 lb test line. If the fish isnt as aggressive and 30 lbs, a 20-30 lb test line will work great. I have to say though. I learned at a very young age to actually go down 10 lbs from what you are thinking. I used to always use bigger line than I needed with the hopes of bringing in a monster. But I found that i'm actually deterring more fish this way and lessining my chances of landing that monster.

  • @LifeIsGood Fish near an offshore structure or a weed line. Cast lures or troll with a couple rods out. 5000 series reel, 50lb fluorocarbon line. 3-4' leader with a bucktail jig. Tip your lure or jig with a chunk of ballyhoo. Good luck and go get you a dolphin!

  • You will be just fine with some 30# Power Pro braided line to bring home a dolly. Good luck!

  • @LifeIsGood It really depends on what you are fishing for. On my boat we carry between 50 and 65 pound test mono but we have many different leader types and strengths. Depends on what bait or rig we are running.

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