What size of line should I get for bass fishing?

What size or lb. test line works best for bass fishing? I've got a 7' medium action rod and will be swapping out my spinning reel and picking up a bait casting reel.


  • 8-12 lb test line is typically more than enough for bass fishing in clear conditions. If you are hitting areas with a ton of logs or structures, maybe bump that test up to 15-20. Remember that if you are using braided to go up 5-10 lbs from fluoro or mono.

  • @InsuranceBrokerDon If you run a 15-20 lb braided line, you'll be able to cover anything on the other end of the line and still have plenty of castability and action. Braided line is incredibly strong for how thin it is so you can actually bump up your line weight a little and still have a very thin line, good for casting and sensitivity.

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