What is a good size line to pair with my freshwater rod?

I just picked up an abu garcia 7' medium rod. I'm wondering what weight line I should pair with it. Just for general fishing, nothing in particular.


  • This really depends on where you are fishing and what youre fishing for. Im assuming that you're asking because you are new to freshwater fishing so I'm going to suggest that you use nothing larger/heavier than a 20 lb braided line or a 15-20 pound fluorocarbon or monofilament line. This will handle pretty much all species other than some of the giant teethy fish like muskie. The smaller the line, the more fun youre going to have. My first "good" rod combo was a medium weight rod paired with 20 lb line because that was probably the biggest fish I expected to ever catch. After fishing with it for 2 years I got a new rod and reel. I got a light weight rod with a 10 lb test line and I have had more fun and caught exponentially more fish with that because it offers a more natural presentation and is much more sensitive to those light bites. So I always say gear up for the fish youre going to catch, not the fish you dream of catching. Those will come no matter the gear.

  • @InsuranceBrokerDon For general fishing, go with a 15lb or lighter. You'll get a much further cast, be able to offer a more natural presentation and you'll have more fun bringing in a big one.

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