Can you use fluorocarbon as a main line?

I always hear about using fluorocarbon as a leader but why not just use it as a main line? I understand the purpose of using a fluorocarbon leader but why would you need a fluorocarbon leader if you just reeled your entire line with fluorocarbon.


  • Absolutely you can use fluorocarbon as a main line. I actually prefer to use fluorocarbon on my lighter setups for panfish and trout because it casts really light jigs and spinners a little further out there. This year we are experiencing a really bad drought so our banks are very shallow. Casting distance has been a really important factor this year.

  • @InsuranceBrokerDon A couple of my rods use fluorocarbon as the main line. You are probably hearing more about people talking about a fluorocarbon leader being important more so than the main line. The main line can really be anything when fishing. But when fishing for sensitive and visual fish with no sharp teeth in clear waters, a fluorocarbon leader can definitely help. That doesnt mean it makes people better fishermen and fisherwomen but in the right application fluorocarbon has its benefits. For example, you wouldn't use fluorocarbon for a main line on a fly fishing rod for trout in the mountains of colorado but you'll want a fluorocarbon leader because the water is so clear and they have great vision. But fishing for catfish in Mississippi, it wouldn't matter what kind of leader you're using as long as its strong enough and you have the right bait.

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