How exactly does a mooring line work?

Is there moor to it than just a block at the bottom with a rope? (see what I did there lol) Or how exactly does a mooring line work?


  • Mooring line is used to tie your boat to either a mooring bouy, the dock or some fixed structure to keep your boat in place. Using the right size line, the right length and material will make this a breeze that get easier every time you do it. Using it in each circumstance is going to be a little different.

  • The mooring line has 2 main purposes @WesternTroutBum. First and foremost a mooring line keeps your boat in place regardless of current or wind conditions. This is for obvious reasons. The second purpose of a mooring line that not a lot of people appreciate is the fact that a mooring line acts as a spring or a counterweight when your boat is under load from wind or current. Think of it this way. If you have wind or current passing your boat against a tight static line, you are going to see a lot of pressure exerted on 2 points. The attachment point at the boat and the attachment point at the permanent moor. If you construct a proper mooring line, it should act like more of a spring that distributes the tension and the load across the entire system rather than on two specific points. This is why having a chain at the bottom is important.

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