Stand Up Paddle Board for Beginners

What is the best SUP for a beginner? Im a woman in my mid-30's, athletic, 5'5" and weigh around 125lbs. What should I be looking for in a stand up paddle board? Any tips or advice are greatly appreciated.


  • @SeaLionSammie Here are a few things you will want to look for in a paddle board for a beginner. Look for something with attachment points in the front and the back of the board. This is especially helpful with carrying coolers, storing a life jacket or securing your paddle if you want to do some yoga or just lay out. Another thing to look for is a paddle board that is around 11' long. Too short of a board makes it much harder to paddle longer distances, it is also less stable. Too long of a paddle board can be difficult to maneuver. I love inflatable paddle boards because they take up little to no room, they are easy to travel with and I can actually hike mine in to some great lakes that not many people go using the pack that they come in. A hard paddle board is great for performance, but they are hard to load, transport and are typically heavier.

    The next thing to think about is the paddle itself. The paddle is very important because you are holding it for, sometimes, hours on end. You want one with a very comfortable handle that fits your hand. If the budget allows, also consider a carbon paddle. They are much lighter and easier to use. They also don't get quite as hot when they are left in the sun. A metal paddle is fine but when you use a carbon paddle, you will fall in love with it.

    One thing I didn't consider was the quality of the cary bag. I do use the pack often. I hike it down to the beach or sometimes up to mountain lakes when we travel. I've had to replace it because it was such poor quality. The board and paddle were great quality but the bag was not in the same league and fell apart quickly. If you only plan on going from the car to the lake or the beach, this shouldn't be a concern.

    Hopefully these tips help you find the perfect beginner stand up paddle board.

  • @SeaLionSammie I've had a couple paddle boards and the attachment points on the front and rear are really the biggest benefit I've noticed. I also like to keep a spare tail fin in the bag just in case. You cant paddle without the fin so losing one makes for a challenge. Your compressor should work as long as it has a schrader valve end. All paddle board inflation attachments hook up to a schrader valve ad you can find them at most sports stores or amazon.

  • @SeaLionSammie This is a great iSUP for a great price. I have 2 and my family loves them. They are durable and have nice attachment points to stuff our PFD's in or a dry bag with our phones and things. They are very stable as well making paddling them easy and lounging very comfortable.

  • Will an inflatable paddle board be able to hold both me and 2 medium sized dogs?

  • here are four main components to think about when choosing your first paddle board:

    Type of paddle board – All around paddle board, SUP cruiser paddle board, SUP sport paddle board.

    Length – A good rule of thumb is that longer boards are faster and shorter boards are more maneuverable.

    Width – Wider boards tend to be more stable but come at a cost of being slower.

    Volume and weight capacity – You want a board that is going to support your weight and any gear, pets, or other people that you plan on accompanying you on your SUP..



  • If you are looking for a SUP for beginners i recently bought a new one

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