Paddle Board Tips And Tricks

Does anyone have any paddle boarding or paddle board tips or tricks they want to give me? I'm new, loving it and soaking up as much education as I can.


  • Absolutely! My wife and I love to paddle board and we've been doing it for years. We used to use our kayaking life vests but just bought these paddle board specific inflatable belts. They keep the room on the board clear for the dogs to join and they don't get in the way. We don't have to worry about putting them on if something does happen and we barely notice we are wearing them.

    Another tip is to stretch your toes after each paddle. I started to notice foot pain after a few months and it was because I keep my feet so tight my toes would become over-exerted.

    As far as tricks go, the only one I know how to do is to stand as far back on the board as possible so it starts to sink the back. This pops the nose up. Dig deep and give a good paddle. You will spin in place with your feet underwater. It looks cool and everyone around you will be trying it. See who can stay on the longest and get their nose the highest out of the water.

    Paddle On friend!

  • @SeaLionSammie If you want to be the best paddle boarder you can be, I highly recommend signing up for a paddle board yoga class. My wife signed us up for one on a vacation down in Mexico and I have to say it was difficult but very rewarding. We loved it and really learned a lot of balance on the board. Not only that but it is incredible for core strength.

  • If you want to improve your paddle boarding skills in a hurry, I suggest paddle boarding down a river. I'm not talking a fast one or even one with rapids at all. Just one with a current and maybe some ripple sections. I learned more about my balance and stance in 30 minutes on a river than a season on the lake.

  • Paddleboarding down a river sounds a little sketchy! Do you use a leash or wear a helmet or anything like that?

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  • One of the most common things I see with beginners stand up paddle boarding is non-coincidentally also the reason for loss of balance and the infamous board wobble. Most people put a little too much upper body weight into their SUP paddle before the paddle blade is fully submerged. They will pull and there is less resistance causing a shift in balance. Slightly bend your knees and assume the "ready position". Thats when you fully submerge the blade of the paddle and use your core to push your board through the water. Once you get comfortable with this technique, you will find that the balance and efficiency are much better.

  • The step back turn not only looks awesome but its a good technique to have in your quiver. I like trying to get my nose as high as possible which is much easier said than done. Especially if conditions are choppy.

  • The best trick there is when it comes to paddle boarding is stand up paddle boarding with your dog... I've been trying for years and well, we sit down paddle board now days. My dog has made it very clear that I should not be standing on my board. lol

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