PWC Fishing / Jet Ski Fishing

I have seen more and more people at the dock unloading their PWC's fully equipped for fishing. I saw some pictures online with a standing deck attached to one even! I am fascinated with this and wanted to see if anyone is currently using their PWC as a fishing vessel? I have 2 older Kawasaki 250X's and I'm wondering what are some of the basic changes required to fish from them. Here are some of the pictures I've come across when searching. You cant tell me jet ski fishing doesnt look like a blast.


  • Sea Doo makes a fishing specific PWC called the Fish Pro which will be available for 2022. For about 18k you get a fish ready PWC with a swivel seat on the back. The Fish Pro is tournament ready with a 170 hp rotax motor, a garmin fish finder and a ton of accessories including a livewell. Its pretty incredible but at 18k I think id rather get a used fishing boat with electronics already loaded on it.

  • PWC fishing rigs are new to me. I came across this post and had no idea how fast this sport is growing. These setups are pretty awesome. It looks like there are a lot of DIY PWC fishing rigs out there but the market is taking note and starting to produce some fishing specific PWC's. I havnt tried this myself but here are a few images I stumbled across in my research I thought were worth posting.

    I'm amazed at how comfortable this setup looks! I could fish from this for hours.

    These pontoons sure would make life easier! Especially when reeling in a fighter.

    This is just hilarious. A YachtSki!

  • There are PWC fishing tournaments down by me all the time! They seem to be getting more and more popular. I've thought about retrofitting my jets to suite fishing a little more but I don't want to interfere with the play aspect my family loves. Putting the plans together now. I'm a little more inspired to take advantage! Here is a great article on outfitting your PWC for fishing I have found very helpful.

  • Okay, some of these make my boat look like a piece of junk.... This stuff has to affect the buoyancy rating and stability of a PWC. What does all of this gear typically weigh when added on a fishing specific PWC?

  • @AquaholicBayFisher I cant imagine it's taht much additional weight. These watercraft are typically designed to carry 3 people on them at a time so if you take the weight of 2 average people, you can assume that you have that threshold to work with. A cooler, some electronics and some rod holders cant weigh more than 60-70 pounds at the most.

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