Bungee Tow Ropes For Towable Tubes

Are those bungee tow ropes for towable tubes safe? I'd love to hear some real world experience with them from someone who has one or has used one.


  • As strange as this sounds, the Bungee rope for towable tubes is (in my opinion) safer. The Bungee tow rope takes a lot of the slack out of a bad turn. Those bad turns create a lot of pressure on the tow rope and can cause whiplash or sore arms and necks at the least. The bungee rope helps eliminate any of the dreaded "snap" when tubing. I will say that with enough practice towing tubes, you won't need a bungee rope and can achieve the same effects with proper throttle control, turn speed and trim control. If anything a bungee rope makes it a little less jerky thus making tubing behind a boat a little safer. Of course this is just my experience using them so take my advice with a grain of salt.

  • Ive never used a bungee rope but I have used the Booster ball which is essentially the same principal. My family has loved it. It helps a lot with rope spray and preventing whiplash. It also helps to keep the line from going slack and whipping tight. The one we have works great and comes with a 60' tow rope specifically made for tubing. Check it out, we love it! https://bit.ly/30pPr2f

  • I have never used a booster ball for a towable tube but I can only imagine it makes it better! The best part of tubing is being whipped out around the boat. The worst part about tubing is when the driver takes the turn too tight or too slow, creating slack in the line. The inevitable whip that follows is the stuff of nightmares. If the claims are true and a booster ball or a bungee tow rope eliminate this issue, then I'd say its a win win!

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