How Do You Size Boat Fenders?

Im looking at getting more boat fenders. I'm wondering how I go about sizing new general use boat fenders.


  • You need to choose the size of your boat fenders based on the length of your boat. Here's a PDF I found on

  • @Sunkissed_96 West Marine has a great video on how to size and choose the perfect fender for your boat. They say 1" of diameter for every 5 feet of boat is the minimum size you should have.

  • @Sunkissed_96 When selecting the right fender size you first need to know the length of your boat as well as the common conditions you will be docking your boat in. The minimum is 1" in diameter for every 5' of boat. I can tell you that that's not always the case when rough weather comes up. I would say to use that algorithm, and then go one size bigger for caution. That's what I have done in the past and it seems to fill our needs great.

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