Choosing The Best Boat Fenders

What do you look for in the perfect boat fenders? Is anyone using the square cushions? I feel like they will help with storage but I dont know how well they work.


  • The square canvas covered boat fenders are susceptible to abrasion and UV breakdown. Everyone I know that has tried them has went back to their old cylinder fenders. Take a look at this West Advisor article on choosing the perfect boat fenders for your craft.

  • A wise person once said that "if it aint broke, dont fix it". Cylindrical fenders work very well and have for years. They use air as insulation which works better the more pressure that is put against it. That's the main difference between the foam pads. If your conditions are mild, the foam pads might be just fine.

  • Nothing beats a cylinder fender. The ability to roll with tide changes or rough weather will make the cylinder fenders stand the test of time. It's hard to improve on something that has worked perfectly for years. The square cushion fenders are great if you have a private enclosed dock on calm water because they are so easy to store. But for general use on any application, its tough to improve on a cylindrical fender as long as it is sized properly.

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