Sit On Top Tube Safety

Are the sit on top or lay on top saucer towable tubes safe? I'm looking for some new fun tubes but I'm not looking for neck injuries either.


  • The safety of a towable tube really comes down to the boat captain and how they handle the boat and the rope. Lay on top tubes have a higher risk of arm injury that most other tubes but again, depends on the driver. Accidents do happen, I have found that one of the safest towable tubes is a seated chariot style towable tube. They have supportive back rests and are much more comfortable. You might miss out on some of the thrill of the lay-on-top towable tubes but the chariot towable tubes are still a blast.

  • @FullThrottle The safety of a tube ultimately comes down to the operator towing the tube. Any tube is safe if the driver knows what they are doing. That's the bottom line with towable tubes. There are inherent dangers with anything on the water but with towable tubes, it comes down to the operator.

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