Fender Covers

Are fender covers for decoration accenting your boat or do they serve a bigger purpose?


  • A fender cover or fender sock is very beneficial if you have a colored hull but you have to keep them clean because they can hold dirt resulting in scratches on the hull. Rubber fenders can damage gelcoat and fender socks help prevent that. They also insulate your fenders keeping them from getting hot and sticky.

  • @FullThrottle Fender covers also provide some abrasion resistance. Some fenders get a little hot and somewhat sticky under the sun so a fender cover prevents them from becoming too tacky. The fender cover will allow for some moving without sticking to the side of the hull.

  • @FullThrottle Fender covers prolong the life of the fender but also prevent scuffs on the hull of your boat. Thats the main benefit of fender covers. If a standard fender doesnt have a cover and rubs against the hot black rubber bumpers on a dock, it will get marked up. That will then transfer to scuffing your hull. Boat fender covers prevent your hull from getting scuffed by dirty rubber.

  • @FullThrottle If you have a colored hull, boat fender covers are very much worth the cost. But you have to remember to clean them often because they can and do trap dirt. They also protect the fender from UV rays which can harden the material. Have you ever sat at a marina trying to relax and hear a consistent squeak? Chances are they dont use fender covers or know how to properly tie off. Fender covers also reduce any noise that rubber against fiberglass creates which is worth the cost alone if you ask me.

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