Boat Fender Sizing

How do you size boat fenders? I want the smallest I can get for storage purposes but I still need them to be effective.


  • Sizing boat fenders depends on the size of your boat and the type of fender that is going to work best for you. Round fenders, cylindrical fenders, monsoon fenders, corner fenders etc. There are many types and usually the manufacturer has a sizing gauge. The general rule of thumb for a typical cylindrical fender is around 5-6" for a 15-25 foot boat. 8-10 for a boat up to 35 feet in length. West Marine has a great article on sizing and selecting the right fenders for your boat.

  • I found this boat fender sizing guide that might be helpful. Good luck!

  • @FullThrottle You may also want to look into square pad boat fenders. They are by far the slimmest fenders you can get your your boat and they look god. They don't offer as good of protection in rough conditions but they work great for calm conditions. They are a lot like a seat pad but have a very durable outer shell. They store easily because of the slim profile. They are a little more difficult to attach as some require two fender lines, rather than a single line. If you know how to properly tie your dock lines, you won't have to worry about the boat sliding back and forth so all you need is the side pressure. These fenders work great for that. Good luck in your search. You have plenty to choose from.

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