Round or Flat Boat Fenders?

Do you prefer round or flat boat fenders? I'm leaning towards flat fenders for storage purposes but I have never used them and I rarely see them being used.


  • Round or cylindrical boat fenders for sure. Flat fenders don't move with your boat as easily as cylindrical or round fenders do. Imagine your boat under extreme wind against a dock. Your lines should prevent movement however if they don't a flat fender will not perform as well as a round or cylindrical fender will. Flat fenders store easily but don't roll, they slide which means they won't last as long.

  • I have never found a need for those flat style fenders. I'm not saying they have no place but I think they might be more suited on a private dock on a lake or something. I think they would be great for mounting to a dock pilot or post though.

  • @FullThrottle Round or cylindrical fenders all day long over flat fenders. Flat fenders are great for a lake house dock on constantly calm water. If you are in any sort of choppy or rough conditions, nothing beats a round or cylindrical fender for protecting your hull and the dock.

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