4 Person Towable Tube

Does anyone know of a towable tube that will safely fit 4 people?



  • My brother has an HO Sports 4G sit-on-top style towable tube that our kids absolutely love! Its stable and really fun. It's also an awesome floating island that they all play on when we are parked. Ill post the link below but I there are many 4 person tubes to choose from at West Marine. From sit-on-tops to lay-on-tops.

  • @Ryan_G We have a Rave Mass Frantic 4 person saucer towable tube and it is a riot! We have towed 4 adults on it and it only gets more fun. It came with a rope and a pump too. The biggest benefit of the tube is the fabric strip where your elbows go. Its like a neoprene material that keeps your arms and elbows comfortable when you're leaning into the turns.


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