Does Anyone Use A Tow Bobber?

Does anyone use a tow bobber for towable tubes? Are they worth it or just more hassle than they're worth?


  • We used to have a tow bobber for towable tubes and it ended up being more hassle than it was worth. It was a great learning aid. When we would cut the boat to tight, it would allow slack in the line creating a snap. The tow bobber helps with taking some of the stress out of the line when that does happen. This helps with whiplash and line stress. After we became better at towing tubes and the proper speeds and turning radius, we ended up not using the tow bobber anymore.

  • We used to use a towable tube bobber years ago and they are great for anyone! They make the ride more fun and they make towing the tube easier. You dont have to worry so much about tight lines. The booster ball is beneficial if you are an experienced or novice captain. They also reduce rope spray making a more enjoyable ride for the passengers.

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