Boat Fenders Vs. Boat Bumpers

What is the difference between boat fenders and boat bumpers?


  • @Sunkissed_96 Boat fenders attach to your boat and boat bumpers attach to a dock or mooring. They are typically permanent and protect the dock as well as your boat.

  • You take fenders with you, They attach to the boat and protect your hull. Bumpers wrap pylons to protect the dock. They are a different tool used to accomplish the same goal. A fender is attached to a boat and a bumper is attached to a structure.

  • @Sunkissed_96 Its just two different technical terms relating to protecting your boat and the dock when docking. A fender attaches to the boat itself, a bumper attaches to the dock but both do the same thing really. For what its worth, I used to call fenders buoys for decades. Its just what they were called in my area growing up. After being scolded by a man at a marina (I laugh at it every time I think about it), I learned I was referring to fenders the whole time.

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