Selecting The Right Boat Fenders

There are a lot of different styles of boat fenders out there. What are the differences and how do you go about selecting the right boat fenders for your vessel and docking needs?


  • There are a couple things you need to take into account when choosing the appropriate boat fenders to protect your boat, the dock and other boats in the marina. There are a few different styles to choose from but chances are you are going to be happiest with either a round or a cylindrical fender. If space is a concern, cylindrical fenders are easier to store than round. Some boats need a combination of both, round up front near a concave bow and cylindrical fenders near the rear. Take a look at this West Advisor article on selecting the right fenders for your boat for some more detailed tips on choosing the right fenders.

  • @Sunkissed_96 It really depends on what kind of boat you have and where you dock it most often. Your main goal should be to protect the hull of your boat as efficiently as possible. You'll find a different shape of fender to fit these specific needs. There are fenders made for bows and transom decks but the most common fender you'll find is a cylindrical fender that can be hung vertically or horizontally down the side of the hull. Each vessel is going to be unique so take a look at the article posted above and go from there. Also take note of others at your dock or marina and what they are using.

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