Women's Wetsuit Advice

Women's wetsuit advice needed please. I am shopping for a wetsuit for general use. Paddle boarding, surfing, diving, snorkeling spear fishing etc. I need help deciding on a wetsuit that will work well for everything. Any advice is appreciated as I have only ever rented before and never had options to choose from.



  • A women's wetsuit is supposed to fit like a second skin with no excessive bunching under the arms or on the shoulders. It should fit tight and be the proper thickness for the water you will be in. The thinner the suit, the more flexible its going to be so keep that in mind for sports like surfing. Not to mention the more active you'll be so your body will naturally be a bit warmer. The thicker the wetsuit, the more buoyant it will be. Many women's wetsuits actually have a thicker neoprene layer around the midsection and a thinner layer around the arms and legs to both offer more warmth as well as god flexibility.

  • @C_Jodie Because you want your women's wetsuit to perform in multiple conditions, you'll most likely enjoy a full-length women's wetsuit. Seac makes one called the Relax in 2.2mm. Its very flexible but it is made for tropical waters. It fits great and I've enjoyed it very much.

  • I've had a Billabong suit and currently I have an O'Neill suit. I will say that the Billabong suit was better quality but the price was too high. The ONeill suit was a great price but its 2 years old and Im already looking for a replacement. As soon as spring hits I will be trying on a SEAC women's wetsuit as well as Patagonia. The Patagonia suits are very pricy it seems however I hear great things about quality. I'm also here for other recommendations so I'm all ears!

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