Show Off Your Catch! (Fishing Gallery)

Let's see those trophies and hear about the stories you are most proud of. Show us your catch!


  • I've been a lake fisherman my whole life but I've always wanted to give fly fishing a try. A few years ago I decided to hire a guide on a world class fishery and this is the first of many results. My first fish on a fly rod was this gorgeous 22" brown trout.

  • DISCLAIMER* Not my catch, but I have to share the lake trout that just broke the record on my favorite lake. 53 lbs took the record which was over 35 years old. This trout is an absolute giant! Biggest I've ever pulled out of this (undisclosed) lake is 21 lbs.

  • This trip to Alaska a few years ago for some Halibut fishing was a blast. All the other chartered boats were coming back empty handed and we went out feeling a little discouraged before we started. The captain put us onto a spot out in the middle of the ocean it felt like and we couldn't keep them off the hook. Just bringing in slabs for hours. I found it odd that the biggest fighter of the day was a 25 lb codfish. I think the biggest halibut we brought on the boat was just under 200 lbs.

  • These are some of my favorite fishing memories... Catching redfish almost the size of me! They are such a fun fight and such a beautiful creature, we let everyone go making sure it swan off safely! My favorite fish to catch by far! :)

  • Here is a tarpon from my trip to Puerto Rico - it was such a fun experience!!

  • 25" Walleye I was able to land up in Canada!

  • 2 Favorite catches - Peacock bass in Florida and a Golden Rainbow trout from Oklahoma!

  • @Avlogitos I have dreamed of catching a Golden Rainbow for years! Did you know it was a golden when it was on the line or was it a total surprise when it came in? Awesome fish, also that's a huge peacock bass! Thanks for sharing.

  • Really fun pic of a blacken tuna from Key West. Such a pretty fish. This day was amazing, we caught grouper, mahi and blackfin.

  • One of the best looking fish I've ever caught. I caught this guy off of an elk hair caddis fly. Gorgeous young brook trout. Take a look at his translucent tail fin and the bright white blades on his pelvic, pectoral and anal fins. I loved this fish and I let him go.

  • Ice fishing season is right around the corner in my neck of the woods and I cant wait to kick it off with some jumbo perch this year! These fish make the best freshwater fish tacos and I cant wait for this season on hard water!

  • An unforgettable day in Cabo!

  • Puppy Drum are some of the best tasting fish ever! Here's my PB. These are all some gorgeous fish! Thanks for sharing everyone.

  • My favorite fish to catch (and eat) are South Carolina Speckled Trout. A Vudu shrimp on a jig with a slow but active retrieve before the tide comes back in typically results in my limit in the right spot. Winter fishing in South Carolina is hard to beat. Tight lines Dock Line community!

  • This black drum I caught in Mexico was one of the best tasting fish I've ever had! I can't wait to get back.

  • My s/o pulled this 21 pound California halibut out of San Diego Bay.

  • @Gyrogeerloose thats the best tasting fish in the sea if you ask me! Perfect eating size too. Nice catch.

  • Found this guy swimming underneath a pallet I found pretty far offshore.

  • 1st attempt at fishing for Rock Fish. Our maiden voyage on the boat we just rebuilt, thought we would pull some swimbaits and BAM!

    Returned unharmed to help populate the species.

  • Just caught a few Mahi down in Cabo a couple weeks ago. My biggest was just over 10 lbs.

    I was expecting more of a fight but this one in particular basically jumped into the boat after being hooked lol

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