How Much Does It Cost To Winterize A Boat?

Looking for the average cost to winterize a boat. I have a powerboat that I winterize myself but have recently purchased a small sailboat with an inboard motor that I need to winterize. It will be properly covered but stored outside. Looking for the average cost if I were to pay to have a mobile service do it, possibly both boats. Thank you for any information.


  • @Come_Sail_Away We just paid $250 to have our boat winterized. This also includes bringing it back to de-winterize the boat. I'm sure this price varies based on your location. We also have a cover for our boat so we don't have to pay for any shrink-wrapping. Shrink-wrap can be pretty costly but it does work great. I hope this is comparable to the cost to winterize a boat where you live. A mobile mechanic might charge a little more but this should be the ballpark for a single motor recreation boat.

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