Best Marine Binoculars

I'm in the market to replace my 20 year old marine binoculars. I am looking at stabilized binoculars but many of them are not waterproof so I'm wondering if I should stick to a higher quality set of non-stabilized binoculars instead. Or just get a waterproof case for a set of stabilizing binoculars. I'm replacing a set of old Bushnell binos so pretty much everything you suggest is going to be an upgrade. I'd love any beta I can get! Thanks Dock Line!


  • @TheEasternMariner, My guy! I picked up some IS binoculars and they are game changing on a boat. I decided on the Fujinon Techno Stabi 12x28's. They're not waterproof but they handle spray just fine. They come with a nice case to store them in and I just keep them in my console cube with my paperwork and they stay dry in there. It would be pretty impossible to use any binoculars while underway so don't worry about the spray. The 12x magnification is plenty and they have a very high quality feel to them. Like you, I upgraded from some old cheap binos and these are in an entirely different league. There was zero buyers remorse after using them for the first time. I hear good things about the Cannon (IS) binoculars but looking through them side by side, I preferred the Fujinon.

  • @TheEasternMariner There are actually a lot of different features to consider when choosing the best marine binoculars. From image stabilization to automatic range finding. There are multiple different lens coatings as well as light transmission levels which make a significant impact on the performance of a good pair of marine binoculars. They can be a great investment if you know what features to put your money towards. A lot of benefits will outweigh others in different scenarios. Take a look at this West Advisor article to better understand some of these features.

  • @TheEasternMariner stabilizing binoculars make all the difference in the world when spotting small or distant objects from a long distance. If you are out trying to go fishing and need to scan a lot of open water, stabilizing binoculars make life much easier. If you don't use your marine binoculars for things like that or extended periods of time, you will be just fine without using stabilizing binoculars.

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