Winter Bass Fishing In Florida

Hello Dock Line! I'm an avid bass fisherman and recently moved down to northern Florida ad I've been fishing Rodman reservoir and Orange lake. I havnt had much luck so I am here asking for some tips on rigging and baits. What are y'all using down here because none of my gear seems to be working. Not asking for any honey holes or anything, just a little advice or rigging tips that might help me tighten these lines during the winter bass fishing season in Florida. Thanks friends!


  • @FishyBusiness Winter bass fishing in Florida is fun but you definitely need to utilize a few different strategies until you find one thats working. Fish deep structure if you can find it. Also look for possible wind protected areas. These areas are less affected by colder winds and bass stick to the warmer waters.

    Bass aren't as aggressive in the winter so play your presentations right. You may need to make several attempts at the same cover to get a bite. You need that bait presented right in front of their nose.

    Check the weather, try fishing before a cold front comes in. Bass are a bit more aggressive and hungry before the cold front.

    Set up a wacky rig and fish deeper areas. Shaky heads or a jerk bait will work if you play it slowly and down by grassy areas.

    Jerkbaits are great for the Florida winter bass fishing but make sure to pause for a second between twitches.

  • Florida Bass fishing in winter is great but you definitely have to fish a little deeper and try a more subtle presentation. I love fishing with a wacky rig this time of year with an 8" brown senkos. Slow jigs, near grass beds.

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