Time For Some New Sunglasses

It's time to replace my Costa sunglasses. Best sunglasses for the water if you ask me. I've had them for probably 5 years or more and they are beat. The funny thing is that the glass lenses don't have a single scratch on them. This is the first pair of sunglasses that I have ever owned that I can say this about. I don't use a case and they slide around my cubby in my boat and car all day when I'm not using them. They have been the best sunglasses I have owned by a long shot and I'm looking to replace them with another pair. Does anyone know if West Marine Cyber Monday Sale will offer any deals on Costa Sunglasses?


  • @AtTheSandBar I just got an email today from West Marine and they are selling Costa sunglasses for an unbelievable deal until December 1. 50% off of some models. I just ordered the Costa Caballitos and the Costa Permit 580P's. I paid less for both than I would have for just 1 pair any other time of year. Get a pair while you can! Here's the link.

  • @SteelheadSam Thanks for the heads up! This is an amazing deal on Costa Sunglasses. Definitely ordering some for my husband and I. Good deal! West Marine never disappoints when it comes to their holiday deals and sales. The rest of the year... well I like to wait for a sale... haha.

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