What Is The Best Magnification For Marine Binoculars

I am currently looking for a nice set of binoculars for the boat. Hopefully I can take advantage of a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday deal. I understand the measurements for binocular magnification regarding zoom and width of the field of view but I want to know what works best for marine use? It looks to me like 7x50 is pretty common for marine binocular use but I'm afraid 7 isn't that powerful. The other option being 10x50. Any advice is much appreciated on marine binocular preferences. Thank you for any help or any tips. If anyone knows of any good deals or brands to avoid please let me know! The West Marine binoculars seem to have great reviews and a good price. I am open to any brand but would like to avoid any low quality binoculars.


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    @KeyReefExplorer 7x is the most common magnification of marine binoculars because it has proven to be the easiest to isolate a target while standing on a moving platform. A 50mm will let in a lot of light which is beneficial at dusk or dawn. The other option 10x50 means you are going to have a brighter image however it will be a little harder to acquire said image. That being said, some people don't have any issue using a 10x50. The U.S. Navy Seals use 7x50 binoculars if that says anything about the usability of that specific magnification.

  • 7x magnification offers you the best zoom to acquire a target while on a moving platform. Keep in mind, on the water, finding something in the distance can be very difficult without any reference points. This is why 7x has proven to be the most ideal magnification for marine binoculars.

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    7x50 is the best magnification and field of view for a set of marine binoculars. It has been proven that that specific magnification and field of view is what works best for a moving boat scanning across a horizon. I have the West Marine Coastal 200 binos and they are hard to beat pound for pound, dollar for dollar. The clarity is just as good as anything I've compared them to.

  • 7x is great magnification for marine binoculars because it provides a decent field of view. I have a set of 10x from my hunting days I brought out with me thinking they would work and they were very difficult to spot anything on a moving boat.

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