How Do You Install A Fishfinder On A Kayak?

Currently setting up a kayak for some lake fishing. How do you install a fish fnder on a kayak thats not specifically built for fishing? I've seen the fishing kayaks with built in mounting systems but what if your kayak doesn't have any mounts built in? How do you mount a fish finder on a kayak without mounts? Where are you keeping your battery to power said fish finder as well? It's a sit on top kayak and I would rather not drill holes if possible. Is there maybe an adhesive mount or something similar?

Not the actual kayak but this is the same one.


  • @HullHeartedly I run a small Lowrance GPS/Depth Finder/Fish finder combo with a sealed 9AH AGM battery. To install a fish finder on a kayak I used a RAM mount which mounts directly to the top of the kayak. You can find these mounts that use suction, or even 3M double sided tape but I wouldn't recommend either of these methods. Sun, heat and water are all enemies of these methods of mounting and may result in your fish finder and mount falling off into the water. You wouldn't lose them because of your cables but its a risk. The Ram Mount with some stainless screws and silicone works great and would only put two very small screw holes into the topside of your kayak. This would be easy to repair down the road if you wanted to remove the mount. I used two wire caps I picked up from West Marine which routes my wires through the hull making for a very clean appearance. These are not necessary but they do look really good. If you don't want to drill any holes, you probably won't want to use these. Instead, you could use some double sided Zip Tie mounts. Stick them in the path of the wires and then zip tie the wires to the mounts. This wouldn't require any drilling or modification to the hull of the kayak. Lowrance also makes a scupper hole transducer mount. It looks really good and doesn't require any permanent modification. Its basically a scupper plug that holds your transducer. It works really well. I'll link it below. It looks like your kayak has a mounting plate right in front of the seat so you should be able to utilize that to mount your fish finder. Just measure your screen and google Ram Mounts for that size of screen. You can pick the right arm length to fit your height and screen size. Mounting a fish finder to a kayak is really easy, you just need the right parts. This would be an ideal setup for your kayak if you don't want to worry about drilling large holes through your hull.

    Install your Ram Mount somewhere forward or center of your paddle zone so it doesn't interfere with paddling.

    Find a suitable location for the battery. On your kayak, I would say behind the seat back, in a case, strapped to and secured to the bungees.

    Drill a small hole to run your power wires into that battery case. Route your power wires to the fish finder and secure them with adhesive zip tie mounts and zip ties.

    Install the scupper hole transducer mount and run your transducer wire to the screen using the same method as the battery wires and you are now ready to fish!

  • @HullHeartedly Because you are paddling, you are going to want to mount your head unit up front. It looks like your best option is to mount it in the center mounting plate you have in front of the seat and grab handle. I wouldn't be surprised if there is already a transducer mount underneath your kayak. If there's not a transducer mount on your kayak, the scupper mount by Lowrance listed above works great. If this option won't work for your transducer, don't be afraid to get a little creative. Here are a few DIY kayak transducer mounts that might work or at least inspire you to come up with your own design.

  • Here is a pretty decent video on mounting a Lowrance fish finder to a kayak using a Lowrance kayak rail system. This would require drilling into your kayak but the process is very easy and will give you more options with your setup. Either way this video just might offer a little inspiration to help you reach your goal.

  • @HullHeartedly You may want to look into the DEEPER Smart Sonar CHIRP sonar. I haven't used it personally yet because I have a fix mounted Hummingbird fish finder on my kayak but i've seen a lot of positive reviews on it. It is a floating ball that you cast out (up to 390 ft) and connect it to any smart phone. It's a fish finder that you can cast out wherever you like. It is a ball that literally fits in your pocket and connects to your phone via wifi. You toss out the sonar ball and it will use your smartphone screen as the display. The product has been out for a few years now and they've upgraded it a few times. It reads structure and depth, it shows fish and marks down to .4 inches. Like I said I haven't used it personally yet because I dont have a need for one. I have watched countless reviews on it because it is such a good idea and if I didn't already have a fish finder that I loved, I would own one of these. Might be worth looking into if you don't want to fix something to your kayaks.

  • @ReelEstate1, I think the Deeper fish finder ball is pretty awesome but its use is so limited because it never sits where you want it to sit. You are constantly having yo reset it. It works great if you are ice fishing and the ball stays put. The benefits of a fish finder like the Lowrance Hook 5 are well worth it for kayak fishing if you ask me. You get many features that you won't see in the Deeper ball. Features like FishReveal, mapping options, a display made for bright conditions. Have you ever tried to stare at your phone screen mid day under the sun? Its near impossible to see anything. The Hook5 has an amazing display that really stands out in bright conditions. I think the deeper fish finder is a cool piece of equipment and has its place in the market but It doesnt hold a candle to the Lowrance Hook 5 for kayak fishing. As far as installing the unit, I just watched a few Youtube videos and was able to come up with a solution for my kayak. I only had to drill 2 holes and install 8 screws into the hull with a Ram Mount and a transducer mount. Very simple to do.

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