Women's Ankle Deck Boots

I'm looking for some cute Women's ankle deck boots and need some recommendations. For me, my daughter and my granddaughter. Which women's deck boots are you using and what do you like/dislike about them? There is nothing worse than having soggy socks all day. Are women's deck boots heavy? Also how do you go about sizing a deck boot? Is it supposed to be your normal shoe size or do you size up? Thanks so much for any advice Dock Line Forum!


  • Hello @Port2Port! I have owned a few pairs of women's deck boots over the years and so far my favorite have been the XtraTuf Women's 6" ankle deck boots. They are the most comfortable pair I've owned and the best quality as well. I had some Palegic women's deck boots and the coloring was off between both boots. One of them looked much older than the other or like it sat in the sun for a year. Ive had a pair made by Grundens and while the quality was great, the ankle line wasn't quite as comfortable as the XtraTuf's. Another thing I like about the XtraTuf Women's 6" ankle deck boots is the variety of colors to choose from. You could easily match your daughter and granddaughter or you could get each a pair that fits their style but still matches yours. I've been on my feet for over 10 hours at a time with the XtraTuf ankle deck boots on and my feet felt great and were warm and dry. I have these simple black ones but I'll post some pics of other options they have that I think are cute as well.

    Here's the link for ya!

  • @Port2Port I used to work as a river guide in Alaska in the summers and would ski bum in the winters. Every single adventure babe I know wears the XtraTuf women's ankle deck boots and loves them. The tall deck boots are amazing int he fall and winter but for summer and early fall, the ankle deck boots are perfect. My husband and I each have a pair we wear out on his fishing boat and, I kid you not, we can spend the whole day on the water standing up with no foot pain. They are the best deck boots you can get for sure. The quality and reviews are legit. If you are in-between sizes on them you'll want to size up but other than that the women's ankle deck boots fit true to size.

    Women's 6" Ankle Deck Boots

  • 100% agree with the above comments. XtraTuff deck boots are amazing. I love the women's ankle deck boots but I also love the tall ones. I use both depending on the conditions and the day.

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