Which Grundens Bibs Are The Best?

I am going to be helping my friends out on a fishing boat this spring and I'm looking for a good set of bibs. My friend on the boat says that he and everyone else prefers Grundens bibs, so I'm doing my research. I have my eyes set on the Grundens Hauler bibs, the Full Share Bibs and the Tourney Bibs. If I get invited back for another season I will consider getting a more durable or expensive set of bibs but this is somewhat of a trial run. I have no idea what I'm getting into and I cannot wait! The weather will be all over the place, cold and wet some days and warm and sunny some days. If anyone has any advice on their favorite Grundens bibs or which Grundens bibs will work best for me I would really appreciate it. Thanks Dock Line for helping this future fisherman!


  • The Hauler is the best Grundens bib ive tried. Put a little vaseline on the snaps to protect them better from the elements and make them snap a little easier. They are very durable. Ive been using Grundens bibs for about 6 years now. The jacket is great too but I'm not in love with the hood. The flap is kind of annoying when its not snapped closed. Could potentially fix that with a different velcro fastener or something. Other than that I have no complaints and I would recommend them to any serious or green fisherman.

  • The Grundens Full Share bibs are awesome and very breathable. Im a 32,33 size pant and the larger fits me perfect. They leave enough room if you need to layer for colder days too. The chest pocket is perfect for a phone. They are very well made pants and are made to take a beating. Wide suspenders are comfy on the shoulders too. Ordered from West Marine and the customer service was incredible. I picked the wrong size and they exchanged it fast without any hassle.

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