How To Line A Reel

Hello Dock Line Forum! I have always had the outdoors store use their fancy machine to spool my reels but I would like to learn to do this on my own. Is there a way to line a reel without using a line spooler? Can I rig something up at home for less than a machine would cost? Do I even need to rig something up or can I just set the spool on the ground and reel?


  • To answer your question, Yes. There are multiple how-to videos on YouTube that explain the process with and without homemade jigs.

  • @GreatLakesGuy If you are spooling braided, just make sure you spool it really tight on your reel with a very high drag. Like @mvaz said, plenty of videos on how to spool line on a reel with or without a jig. I've never had a jig and have spooled all my reels many many times. Without a rig, keeping tension to spool braided can be a little challenging but nothing a leather glove doesn't fix for me at least. All spinning reels pretty much spool the same, If you are running backer on a huge reel or something like that, it still spools the same but you'll have to figure out which knot to use between lines. Most lines come with a label on the spool. That label usually means, thats the side you keep facing up when you spool line to your reel from the ground. Here's a quick, easy DIY video on a smaller reel.

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    @GreatLakesGuy, This video posted above on DIY spooling a spinning reel is fine for monofilament or fluorocarbon line but if you are running braided line, make sure to run the line around the spool of the reel a few times before you tie a crossover uni knot. I wrap it around the reel at least 3 times before tying the uni knot. Also the video above mentions that if your line starts to twist, to flip the spool of line over. If you start reeling line on your reel with the spool in the right direction in the first place, it should coil around your reel perfectly and not require a spool flip.

  • @GreatLakesGuy Use this knot with braided line, not the one posted in the video. Braided line will slip with that knot.

  • A spooler is very affordable and does make life a lot easier. That's to say you plan on spooling a few reels or perhaps re-spooling every year or two. Here's the one I have and I love it. It handles my small 1000 series reels as well as my big boys. Does the job and its easy to use.

  • I always spool my braided and mono with a very small piece of electrical tape and tie a Arbor Knot down tight on the tape. Then put just a very small drop of super/gorilla/lucite glue on the knot. Never misses.

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