Speckled Trout Fishing In South Carolina

Im going for a grand slam, catching speckled trout, redfish and flounder. I have no issue bringing in speckled trout. I use a Vudu Shrimp and if I get to the inlet before the crowds I have no issue limiting out on trout. When the tide starts to shift and come back in, I tend to a limit of bonus red fish in the slot limit as well. My goal is to hit the South Carolina Grand Slam and catch a flounder in the same area. I know they're here but I cannot get them to eat what im throwing. The Vudu Shrimp with a slow but active retrieve works great for the trout and the redfish. Any advice on what I need to change up to hook a flounder would be much appreciated. Thanks Dock Line forum!


  • Are you running a Carolina rig when trying to target flounder in South Carolina? Run a Carolina rig with a short leader and a 3/4 oz sinker. Try using fresh bait as well instead of the plastic Vudu Shrimp. Flounder are very picky eaters and usually want the live bait. Shrimp, sardines, crabs, shad, mullet are good options but if you are hooking up with the plastic shrimp, try fresh shrimp. Remember that the minimum size limit is 15". Good luck out there, keep trying and be patient. You'll get that grand slam!

  • It sounds like you fish for flounder more than I do so I may not have the best advice but from what I hear in many coastal groups is how picky they are when it comes to bait. Live bait is essential. Fall is the best time to catch flounder as they are starting to migrate offshore during the colder months to spawn. Vertical light jigging seems to be the most common method as well. Stick with shrimp, mullet shad, and mud minnows.

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